PTR Pet Corral New Arrivals

There are several new arrivals in the PTR as far as pets go. I wrote about a few here as well.

Most of these are far from presentable at this point, but one sets itself apart. As I wrote before, I am very excited about more creative abilities for our pets and the devs are continuing to deliver on that front.

Lil' Bling is a mechanical pet that drops from the Blingtron Gift Package. Unfortunately for the wiley pet collectors, these packages are unique and therefore can not be saved up for patch day. I wholeheartedly approve, because I don't think hoarding rewards for patch day is in the spirit of playing a game. Anyway, it's a baby blingtron!

Ability 1 - SMACKTHAT.EXE (I blinked when I saw the name, but I get it now.)
 It has a 95% hit chance and deals mechanical damage. It deals additional damage if the user strikes first.
Ability 2 - Blingtron Gift Package (I am excited about this one!)
 It has a 50% hit chance, but wait! If it hits, it deals magic damage to the enemy. If it misses, it heals the user. It has a 2-round cooldown.
Ability 4 - Make it Rain (Think egg barrage)
 It has an 80% hit chance and a 1-round cooldown.
Ability 10 - Inflation (Think stampede)
 It has a 100% hit chance and a 3-round cooldown.
Ability 15 - Extra Plating (We know this one)
Ability 20 - Launch Rocket (and this one)

The other pets that I noticed are...

Ashleaf Spriteling
Ashwing Moth
Azure Crane Chick
Dandelion Frolicker
Droplet of Y'Shaarj (this looks awesome!!)
Flamering Moth
Gooey Sha-ling (looks like a droplet but different colour)
Jademist Dancer (looks like a pandaren elemental spirit)
Ominous Flame
Skunky Alemental (looks like a pandaren elemental spirit)
Skywisp Moth
Spineclaw Crab
Young Gulp Frog
Death Adder Hatchling
Bloodcove Droplet
Blackfuse Bombling (get your raiding gear on)

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