Why are some words coloured?
I highlight pet names with colours to show the level of quality they can appear as without using a stone. Orange for legendary, purple for epic, blue for rare, green for uncommon, white for common, and grey for poor. There are no pets at this time whose highest quality is white or grey and I doubt there will be in the future. Light blue indicates an ability.

Why do some pets have tooltips and links and others don't?
Those can be a bit of a hassle to put in and derail me when I'm writing the post, and combing through a paragraph to find places to put them afterward is, quite frankly, boring, so I pick and choose whether or where I will use them. They are in heaviest use in posts detailing strategies for difficult tamers because those posts can be rather long and writing out the details of each pet and ability would make them soooooooo much longer.

Why did you outline how to beat some tamers and not others?
Some of the tamer strategies were written as a launching point, just to have something to write about when I first started the blog. For those I chose the ones that I knew people were having difficulty with. Others were specifically requested. One person did request that every single tamer be outlined, including the ones with pets as low as level 2, but I don't think anyone really needs a strategy guide for those so I don't think I'll be going that low. Others will likely crop up now and then either by request or when I find myself wanting to write but hurting for something to write about.

Why did you stop the Hunt for Red Carptober?
I didn't! Sort of. It made its way to the back burner. At first I stopped writing about it because I didn't think it would be interesting to anyone to read "I came, I fished, I left empty-handed." Then it was announced that the carps would be easier to obtain in 5.3 and I lost my drive to get them in 5.2. I definitely want to nab the blue one before 5.4 though because of the changes to my favourite place to fish for it. Hello, Sweetie.

What does "Hello, Sweetie" mean?
I've used it a couple of times and you'll likely see it cropping up whenever I write about the PTR. In short, it means that if I say any more, I'll reveal something you might rather experience first hand. It comes from Doctor Who, where a character called River Song basically has two catch-phrases: "Hello, Sweetie" and "Spoilers."

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