ptr Celestial Tournament

Several new pets have appeared in the ptr since my last post, but today I was quite focussed on the Celestial Tournament. There are now so many pets on the ptr, I wouldn't even feel comfortable guessing at how many will make it live.

Anyway, on to the tournament...

You'll need a lot of level 25 pets before attempting this, so if you don't have a good selection at max level, I'd suggest getting on that now.

You pick up a quest on the Timeless Isle to enter the tournament, then speak to the quest giver to be queued for a single-player scenario. Dialogue suggests that it's a weekly quest and, well, that makes sense all things considered.

I had to fight 3 contenders: Blingtron 4000, Shademaster Kiryn, and Wise Mari. I'd write more about how it went down but those fights are each going to require their own post.

While in the scenario, you are not able to heal your pets but there is a way around that if you have a must-have pet and a lot of patience. You can exit the scenario to heal your pets and go back in, but your progress will be reset to 0 when you do.

There's no need to worry about losing a fight, except that you won't be able to use your pets on your next attempt if they died. Your attempts are limited only by the number of pets you have. Have a lot.

After the 3 contenders are defeated, there are 4 more fights that are on par with the beasts of fable. They're not too bad - they just take some getting used to.

Once the 4 fabled ones are defeated, you have completed the scenario and the quest.

The quest will reward you with 1 timeless coin. The celestial pets cost 3 each.

If you can, in fact, obtain 1 timeless coin each week, it would take 12 weeks to earn all 4 pets. However, a one-time quest awards 2 extra coins, so that brings it down to 10 weeks. After 10 weeks, if you still need stones, you can use the coins to purchase flawless stones for 3 coins each. You can also purchase pet treats to increase pet xp gain or bandages to heal them. I don't think I'm going to need anything after the 10 weeks considering my collection. I'm almost hoping for more uncommon pets so I'll have something to work on since epic stones aren't coming.

To summarise, the Celestial Tournament is a worthy challenge, but it's nothing to tear your hair out over if you have a good selection of max-level pets. Get on it.

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