Unborn Val'kyr

The Unborn Val'kyr is quite possibly the most sought-after pet of 5.3 and with good reason - it looks awesome. I was worried that it was going to be next to impossible to find one due to a combination of high demand and low supply, but my worries were dashed shortly after I set out to find one. In fact, in a brief period I found two because the first one killed itself trying to kill my ram. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The note on the pet journal says they are unborn until they vanquish a creature of high nobility so I decided I would take that as a hint and focus mainly on the paths of northrend rares. Assuming it was going to be a long day, I decided to start in the luckiest spot I knew - the place I got my tlpd, tamed Skoll, and finished the Frostbitten achievement with Vyragosa. Yes, all of those things happened in the exact same spot, and I'm going to share it with you.

Unborn Val'kyr - Storm Peaks

So I arrived at my aforementioned lucky spot (just between Valkyrion and the Snowdrift Plains, at the northern end of the small valley that joins the two areas) and was astounded to find an Unborn Val'kyr right away. I began the battle and was a little concerned because the enemy team was level 22 and my team was level 18, but it was pointless to worry because the Val'kyr in question would apparently rather commit suicide (Unholy Ascension) than join my horde, so watch out for that.

Bad news for me, but good news for you because I'm going to show you where I found a second one.

I figured I wouldn't be so lucky again right away so I went to Karazhan to start Raiding with Leashes II. After Karazhan, I used my wormhole generator to pop over to Howling Fjord and headed straight for the southernmost point to work my way north. And I found another one at my second starting point!

Unborn Val'kyr - Howling Fjord

That spot, just south of Scalawag Point, is also a spawn point for another rare called King Ping, so it's possible that the idea of sticking to frostbitten npc spots is valid, but can't be a definite from such a small amount of information. Anyway, I caught that one. Here it is trying to dwarf my goblin in two moons.

Unborn Val'kyr

That is without any alterations, so its size is pretty decent. As for its abilities...

For the first slot you choose between Shadow Slash and Shadow Shock. The two are practically identical; you just decide whether you want a tiny bit more damage or a tiny bit more chance to hit.

In the second slot it's between Siphon Life and Curse of Doom. Siphon Life is a DoT and HoT at the same time and I love it, and Curse of Doom waits 5 rounds to deal damage roughly double to the slot 1 ability, so it's useful for doing a lot of damage in one round down the road.

For the third ability you choose between Haunt and Unholy Ascension. Unholy Ascension is basically a very ineffective suicide bombing - the user dies and the enemy is debuffed - but it can be useful if your pet is about to fall anyway. Haunt is a new ability this patch so I'm going to give a little more room for its summary below.

When you first use Haunt, the Val'kyr DoTs the enemy for 4 rounds and falls dead on the ground with 0 life, and at the end of the round you send in another pet while the dead Val'kyr moves to the backline, red X and all. When the debuff wears off, assuming that is able to happen, the Val'kyr returns to life with its health jumping back up to where it was before the haunt, minus a small amount.
If the haunt misses (yup that happened) the Val'kyr still dies and with no debuff to wear off on the enemy it remains dead.
If the enemy dies while haunted, the Val'kyr remains dead.
If the rest of your team dies while the Val'kyr is haunting, you lose.
If you capture the enemy, the haunt wears off immediately and the Val'kyr returns to life.
I'd still like to see what happens if the debuff is removed by the enemy so I'll try to remember to get someone to help me test that. For now, I can't think of any other possible outcomes that need testing, but if you do please leave a comment and I'll see if I can check it out.

Anyway, Haunt seems rather difficult to work with if you want to avoid killing your own pet. I think it would be best used in battles where you're going to be fighting one target for quite a while, such as with the Beasts of Fable. Another idea that springs to mind is to use Haunt and send in a pet that can force the enemy to change pets so you don't accidentally kill your own Val'kyr along with the enemy's pet.

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