The Longest Day

Heads up - it's broken. The reward seems to be on layaway, so if you are the kind of person that likes instant gratification, save this achievement for another day. I don't mind though because I didn't do it for the stone. It's just a flawless stone and I'm pretty much buried in flawless stones as it is. If it was an epic or legendary stone, then I might black out and murder my table.

It really is a long day for being in WoW. I can't tell you how long the achievement itself takes because I left several times to stretch my legs or eat or drink or whatever I needed, but I can say I started at 07:30 and finished in the middle of the afternoon. It involves doing all of the pet dailies that can be done minus those beneath grand master on the opposing faction's preferred continent.

If math isn't failing me, there are 14 dailies in Pandaria requiring 21 battles and victory over 43 pets with 2-4 stops to make per zone, and this accounts for about a third of the achievement so it could be motivating to start there. That's what I did, and when I finished pandaland I had a big chunk checked off in the middle of the achievement.

After that, it might be wise to plan your route and methods of travel. For example: For the horde, take the portal to the blasted lands and hop over to battle the grand master in Deadwind Pass before going to Outlands. For alliance, have a go at the grand master in Winterspring when you go to Hyjal. You probably won't need to conserve your teleports since the achievement is, just, everywhere, but the planning can help you finish faster. It may also be best to go solo for this one, or race someone, but don't pair up and go together unless the patience of all involved is able to endure adding 10 minutes here and there to a long day. I'm pretty patient and in the beginning of the day I would've been fine with that, but if someone had been with me at the end when I just wanted to get done and was using level 25s to beat up level 4s, I think I would have gotten twitchy about extending the finish line.

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