Brawler's Pet Supplies in 5.3

Brawler's Pet Supplies are obtained once per week by using a team of 25s to defeat pvp opponents 10 times. This is accomplished through a quest, so don't just go pvping willy nilly and expect bags.

I stopped tracking fabled pet supplies at the end of April and have been waiting eagerly for 5.3, so now I'll be tracking brawler's supplies instead. My first bag doesn't appear terribly promising for a once-a-week reward, but we'll see what happens in the future.

After 8 weeks, I feel confident in calling the Pet Treat a guaranteed drop. I'm only still recording it every week because otherwise most weeks would be blank.

I won't be updating this for too much longer for two reasons. One, there's not a lot of variety in the list, and two, this post is getting close to being on the second page of my list for editing.

Week 1: Pet Treat
Week 2: Pet Treat
Week 3: Pet Treat
Week 4: Pet Treat
Week 5: Pet Treat, Magic Stone
Week 6: Pet Treat
Week 7: Pet Treat
Week 8: Pet Treat
Week 9: Pet Treat
Week 10: Pet Treat
Week 11: Pet Treat, Mechanical Stone
Week 12: Pet Treat
Week 13: Pet Treat
Week 14: Pet Treat
Week 15: Pet Treat

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