I went and got Gahz'rooki again now that it's live and nothing has changed since the ptr, which I wrote about here. This post goes into more detail about how to obtain the pet and the ptr post goes into more detail about the pet itself.

To get Gahz'rooki...

Start in the Vale with the explorers in the palace. You'll be asked to complete the scenarios Blood in the Snow and Dark Heart of Pandaria. The quest giver for this was at the centre of a total gankfest on my server when I did it, so that After that, you're sent to Sen'jin Village in Durotar and introduced to the Darkspear Rebellion with a brief quest series. At least, this is how it is for the Horde; I have no idea what goes on for the Alliance so if it's very different please let me know and I'll add it here. Back on track - the quest line culminates in Razor Hill where you must kill 4 elites, but they are easy to solo. After that, head up the hill and you'll find the Darkspear Rebellion set up at the bottom of a tower.

Ravika is the merchant you are looking for and she's standing outside the bottom of the tower at the southwest corner. You'll notice you need 1 radical mojo to make the purchase, which can be obtained by completing the weekly quest offered inside the bottom of the tower. For this quest, you'll need 150 each of lumber, oil, stone, and meat.

Those commodities can be looted in small amounts from kor'kron npcs in the Northern Barrens. You can get 1 or 2 for each kill. They lie on the ground in crates in the same small amounts in their selected areas. I do not recommend these methods because there are better, faster ways.

Periodically, there will be an area announcement about a kor'kron shipment being overturned. It should show up on the map with a red marker and the area will be coated in crates with 1-2 commodities in each and there will be very few enemies on them. You can get 50+ of a commodity in this way.

From time to time, there will be an area announcement about a caravan that needs to be escorted from one place to another. The caravan will be under attack by kor'kron npcs that are damaging it; you can mouseover to see how damaged it is. Kill the npcs (note: if you kill the riders, the wolves will run away on their own) and escort the caravan to its destination and you will receive a crate that contains a good amount of commodities. I think it's probably around 50-75.

There almost always seems to be a commander up in the Northern Barrens. These commanders can be killed and looted for a good amount of commodities on par with escorting a caravan. They are not easy to solo in my experience, but that likely won't be an issue. When a commander is up, I head over to it (marked by a red icon on the map) and usually find a group gathering to kill it. If not, I wait and people tend to stream in. You don't need to join a party; it's faction tagged so just help kill it and you'll have loot access. You also don't need to worry about being the first to loot it because everyone gets the same thing. It does get stronger each time a new person attacks it, so don't assume 2 will be enough if you can half solo it.

Once you have your 150 of each commodity, you can turn in the weekly quest, which will give you a new achievement and title (Darkspear Revolutionary), and purchase Gahz'rooki.

The heads snap at each other. It can be fun to just sit and watch it try to eat itself.

It is soulbound but can be caged and traded after learning, and it is blue both before and after learning.

For the first slot, you have a choice between Bite (beast) and Tail Slap (aquatic).

The second slot has a choice between Devour (beast), which continues for 2 rounds and will heal your pet if it finishes the enemy, or Swallow You Whole (aquatic), which does double damage if the target is below 25% health.

The third slot is between Whirlpool (aquatic), which deals damage after a 2-round delay, and Geyser (elemental), which does damage after a 3-round delay.

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