PTR - New Achievements and Beasts of Fable Update

I was previously concerned that the Beasts of Fable breakdown quests would be a single random daily because only one quest was showing up at a time when I checked the quest giver, but today I greeted her and she revealed all three quests at once, so yay.

With that awesome update out of the way, here's some news about achievements...

Under the heading of Pet Battles:

Okay, that's not incredibly easy to read, but at a glance it looks like we'll have one day to defeat hmm uh yep, probably everyone. The reward is a marked flawless battle-stone, which appears to be just like any other generic flawless battle-stone provided you only want to use it on your own pet. This achievement actually isn't such a big deal; I used to do this every day anyway just because I was craving more tamer battles and you can't refight them once you've won. More, actually, because a glitch with one of the quests from the original quest line allowed half a dozen of them to be fought twice. This is why I have hundreds of level 25 pets.

In the section on collecting, this showed up:

Raiding with Leashes was so great and introduced so many fun new pets; I can't wait to get my mitts on its successor. I hope the Lil' Bad Wolf is a 100% drop though or I'll be banging my head against the randomness of that encounter. Well, if it's not 100%, it will just make it that much more appreciated once it drops. Still, woe to anybody who rolls this pet out from under me.

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