Camping in a Wishing Well

This is about days 3 and 4 of my tiny carp hunt. For these two days I attempted to catch a Tiny Blue Carp in the Vale. I did not catch a carp, personally, but I recruited a fishing buddy who did catch one right before my eyes, so it was fun to witness that. You can see his amazing luck below, and information about the Tiny Blue Carp below that.

It started, of course, with a visit to Halfhill where rumour had it that someone was throwing sparklies in the water surrounding the Mogu'shan Palace, which was taunting the fish there into a feeding frenzy. Thrilled not to be faced with another day of spinefish, I bought a stack of jewel danio containers and made a beeline for the Vale. The experience was less thrilling by the time I began my third stack of groceries, but still much better than spinefishing. During day 3 I fished up approximately 70 stacks of fish before packing it in.

On day 4, the fish were splashing in Krasari Falls again, but I had my luck there already and so I was getting ready to continue the hunt for red carptober. That hunt did not go on, however, because Ishtarah of Madoran invited me to visit and I got to spend another day in the makeshift wishing well. I decided, this time, to keep things interesting by drinking every drop of alcohol that I fished out of the water. For oh-so-many reasons, I do not recommend trying this in real life! I then fished up 3 very alcoholic beverages at once and went bottoms up... in more ways than one. After chumming the water with my share of a banquet that was eaten earlier, I realised I could not see where the fish were through the haze that my vision now was. That's okay, though, because I couldn't see where my fishing bobber was either. All in all, I fished up a stronger constitution, nat's journal, 30ish groceries, and no pets. However...

Ishtarah was having quite a lucky day in the Throne of Thunder; he won gear from every boss he encountered. Knowing his love of pets, we thought that maybe he should join my fishing expedition and see if his luck would hold out. Indeed, it did. On his 83rd cast of the day (and ever for both that location and attempts to get a carp) he fished up a Tiny Blue Carp! I tell you he rafted circles around me in excitement, but he did manage to stand still long enough to pose with his new pet.

Ishtarah's Tiny Blue Carp

It doesn't look so tiny to me, but I think he fed it for its picture. I'm so happy for Ish and glad that we were able to keep each other going long enough for this to happen. We'd both been ready to quit, but managed to keep it up through peer support. In fact, Ishtarah fished up his carp immediately after complaining that there was nothing worse than this (this being the act of farming fish pools for a rare drop).

The Tiny Blue Carp is of blue rarity when learnt and possesses the following abilities: Surge (1), Healing Wave (2), Pump (4), Psychic Blast (10), Wild Magic (15), and Mana Surge (20).

This pet likes to shine in Arcane Winds weather. Both Psychic Blast and Mana Surge are magical abilities that deal additional damage in Arcane Winds. Actually using these abilities would give me pause, however, for a few reasons. Chief among these reasons is this is an aquatic pet and these are magic abilities. That means if those abilities are dealing extra damage, the carp is probably also taking extra damage from the flying pet it's fighting. Healing Wave isn't great for solo healing, either, so the entire situation seems less than ideal. Plus, the cooldowns really don't mesh well. Finally, whether the enemy is a flying pet or not, the carp can't actually create weather, so the Arcane Winds will have to come from another source if they are going to be involved at all. Having said that, if you can achieve the ideal scenario, this pet will beat the living carp out of any gull foolish enough to try to eat it.

Wild Magic isn't going to be useful on this pet unless either the carp is using it to bolster another pet's abilities or another pet is creating Arcane Winds to bolster the carp. Apart from that, each of this pet's abilities only hits once per turn, so adding a bit of damage to each hit isn't doing much more than wasting a turn. Again, it can come in handy with a little help from or for another pet, but not by taking only this pet's abilities into consideration.

The three aquatic abilities can be selected together to equip a typical aquatic pet. Surge and Pump are pretty standard on aquatics so they probably don't require much explanation, and healing abilities usually don't go unused. I might rather have Surge in my arsenal than the magic abilities even when facing a flying pet, because sometimes it can help to reduce the number of times your pet gets hit.

Either way, I would like to strongly discourage you from feeding your carp to a flying pet. It may make you feel powerful to take out a flyer with an aquatic, but it's really no different than strapping a grenade to your mouse and sending it after a snake.

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