Tiny Green Carp

Today I decided to go get myself a carp. This required fishing. If I'm being honest, which I always am, I bought my Magical Crawdad in the auction house and I would have done the same with the carps if I could. It's not that I hate fishing. I don't even dislike fishing. It's just that I have always struggled with inventory space and going for a super rare drop can be frustrating enough without constantly watching to make sure I have bag space for it so I don't catch it and lose it. But enough moaning. Without further ado, here is my carp-catching experience. If you just want the information about the pet, jump straight to the part where you see a big picture of it.

I remembered that the daily fishing pools were in Krasarang from when I flew over earlier to drop off a mimic squid (see, I told you I don't hate fishing), so I headed for Krasarang. I was heading there from the Shrine of Two Moons, so my path was straight south through the Valley of Four Winds. Why is this important? Because I'm about to brag, so bear with me. I had just passed the spawning point of the ghostly fisherman when I thought, "Hmm, maybe I'll just check." He was there! Holy Crapoly! I collected my Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm and continued on my journey to Krasarang, thinking that this was either a sign of good tidings or not such a bad way to use up all my luck for the day. Spoiler: it was both.

Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
A handful of casts gave me mixed feelings about my new charm. On the one hand, I was catching tons of fish; on the other, I had only prepared 10 inventory slots. This had me hearthing every half hour to dump stacks of fish in the cooking tab of my guild's bank. I hoped my guildmates would be able to use them.

I also got a whole stack of paddlefish from killing the beast that spawned when I polished off a large pool of fish. I should note that this creature looks terrifying - it's huge and it has nearly 20m hp - but it's an easy solo so don't worry about it. Most of the damage I took came from landing on hard surfaces (thus spawning a love-hate relationship with those fishing rafts) after being rocketed into the sky and I quickly learned to get in the water when I saw the blue splashing at my feet.

20 stacks of paddlefish later (and about a dozen stacks of golden carp because my aim ain't great) I was passing over halfhill on my way back to Krasarang when I suddenly remembered groceries. I could kill so many birds with one stone by grabbing some empty grocery containers, filling them as I fish, and turning them in for much-needed ironpaw tokens. With grocery containers, you can turn 20 stacks of fish into 1 stack of groceries. I bought 20 containers and filled them with the previously caught fish because the last time I filled the cooking tab with ingredients (basilisk meat) it sat there untouched until I destroyed it. I left the golden carp there, though, because that can go toward rep.

Anyway. After turning in my groceries for 20 ironpaw tokens, I bought 20 more empty containers and headed to Krasarang, ready to plant my arse there for hours. And promptly caught my carp. On my second cast. I stared at the 20 empty containers and I stared at my new Tiny Green Carp. I was almost disappointed - I was really looking forward to those Ironpaw tokens - but wait a minute... I got a carp! That's fair! I'm happy with my new acquisition. Here he is chillin' in Two Moons...
Tiny Green Carp
It is blue rarity when learnt and there's really nothing special about its stats. The level 1, 2, 4, and 10 abilities are oh-so-familiar to anyone who has used aquatic pets before. They're fairly standard on any aquatic, really. They are, respectively, Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Whirlpool, and Surge. 15 and 20 aren't so common, though. At level 15 the Tiny Green Carp learns Healing Stream, which will heal itself as well as any other aquatic pets on its team. At level 20, it learns Invisibility, which makes the pet unattackable for 1 turn after a 2-turn delay. I don't see that being useful enough to replace Whirlpool just because the 2-turn delay requires a level of foresight that isn't going to come up very often, nor do I see Healing Stream replacing Cleansing Rain because the rain will heal any pet, not just aquatic, and provides a nice aquatic-damage boost. However, I haven't used either of these abilities yet so they may yet be more useful than I think, and I will be sure to try them out soon.

The next carp I go after will likely be determined by the location of the daily fishing pools again, and this time I will be sure to come armed with a stack of empty grocery containers before it's too late.

One last note incase anyone is wondering: I started fishing with 788 skill points and had 738 (due to switching lures after running out of 150s) when I caught it.

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