Tamer - Jeremy Feasel

So far I've only shared my strategies for tamers with legendary pets. I was going to write about Mo'ruk next, but who better to kick off the epics with than the one and only Jeremy Feasel.

This suave chap comes around with the Darkmoon Faire and brings with him a chance to obtain the not-terribly-common Darkmoon Eye.

His three pets are all Faire prizes and their details are as follows...

Judgement is a Darkmoon Eye - a magic pet that deals magic damage.
It has 1588 health, 329 attack power, and 276 speed.
Focused Beams deals magic damage and hits harder each time.
Eyeblast deals magic damage and reduces your speed by 25%.
Darkmoon Curse deals magic damage, reduces your damage by 25%, and increases his damage by 25%.

The best pet to counter Judgement's strengths and weaknesses is the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. This pet takes reduced damage from Judgement due to being mechanical in nature and deals increased damage with Breath. After Judgement is out of the picture, you can use Decoy to switch pets with ease, and using Explode on Fezwick will knock him off his high horse.

Lacking a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, any mechanical or dragonkin pet should do just fine. His hits do get harder as the fight draws on, so try to finish him quickly, and don't bother trying to beat him with speed as countering the 25% speed debuff will only slow you down.

Honky-Tonk is a Darkmoon Tonk - a mechanical pet that deals mechanical damage.
It has 1745 health, 294 attack power, and 280 speed.
Missile does straight mechanical damage.
Shock and Awe deals a large amount of mechanical damage and has a 25% chance to stun.
Lock-On essentially targets a pet on first use, which doesn't really do anything except take up a turn. It doesn't go away until it is used up with a second use, which will do a great deal of damage. Once the mark has been applied to your pet, you should do what you can to avoid the next use of it.

Pretty much any elemental pet will be good for this. Preferably you'll be using one that deals elemental damage and is high enough in level to take it one-on-one. It doesn't need to be 25, but at least 20 would probably be good. I just used a 21 Crimson Geode on this guy last night and it flattened the tonk easily. Remember that the lower you go in levels the harder it will be to land your attacks.

The last pet is Fezwick. You've probably heard of him; he's most commonly referred to as 'that (random expletive) monkey' because he's armed the general populace with a healthy fear of stuns and/or passing on turns.
Fezwick, as you may have gleaned, is a Darkmoon Monkey - a beast that deals beast damage... and stuns.
He has 1570 health, 311 attack power, and 294 speed.
Smash deals straight beast damage.
Clobber stuns his target and thankfully has a 5-round cooldown. He tends to lead with this.
Banana Barrage deals multiple hits of beast damage and applies a DoT that continues for 2 rounds.

The biggest problem with Fezwick is or was a bug that may or may not have been fixed yet. This bug would automatically pass on every turn if you chose to pass on a turn while using your last pet and it was stunned. Watch out for that, because you don't need to click pass if you're on your last pet and stunned - it's automatic.

If you used a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling to fight Judgement, and it's already level 25, I'd suggest sending it in to use Decoy and Explode at this point. Fezwick's health will be roughly halved after eating an Explode and pretty much any mechanical pet that's high enough in level to land its attacks should be able to finish the job and level up at the same time.

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