Beasts of Fable

The beasts of fable are not as scary as the hype led me to believe. I've experimented with several different lineups for each of the beasts and most ideas tend to work. I did come up with a few pets that can face any of the beasts easily, so it's no problem to run through them all without changing the lineup. Also, It's no use to try for experience with these pets; with my safari hat on I got 319 at level 20.

Here's a quick rundown of the beasts. I'm not going to link all of those abilities, though, because holy crap.

Dos-Ryga - Aquatic - Frost Breath, Whirlpool, Healing Wave
Kafi - Beast - Gnaw, Headbutt, Leap
Ti'un - Aquatic - Shell Shield, Pump, Tidal Wave
No-No - Aquatic - Tail Slap, Dive, Beaver Dam
Lucky Yi - Critter - Quick Attack, Perk Up, Uncanny Luck
Greyhoof - Beast - Trample, Hoof, Roar
Gorespine - Beast - Spiked Skin, Scratch, Rip
Xi'a - Aquatic - Skitter, Water Jet, Flurry
Ka'wi - Critter - Moth Balls, Super Sticky Goo, Chew
Nitun - Critter - Rake, Prowl, Ravage

So we have 4 aquatics, 3 beasts, and 3 critters. The damage types, in no particular order, are aquatic, beast, critter, dragonkin, elemental, and flying. Okay I lied; they are ordered alphabetically and it was driving me bananas that there was nothing starting with E until I remembered that Super Sticky Goo deals elemental damage. Yay?

Actually, the pets that I've been using for these have nothing to do damage types.

If you're having trouble with any of the beasts of fable, I recommend taking a look at the following abilities.

Apocalypse - Send in a roach first to use this strategy and then go into survival mode for 15 rounds. This ability is available to roaches at level 20. It also shows up on beetles and the Pterrordax Hatchling. There are 25 pets that have this ability. It does sometimes miss. If that happens, it's faster to flee and try again than it is to wait out the cooldown. Don't forget to keep your roach alive so it can step in at the last second and survive the apocalypse. The new 5.2 pets are rife with abilities that can supplement the apocalypse strategy, such as beaver dam. When putting together a team for survival mode, avoid those that affect the enemy because 30% of the beasts of fable are critters and crowd control just isn't a reliable strategy on them. Plus you could miss.

Life Exchange - This is oh-so-powerful to start a fight against these beasts. It's available at level 15 to the Nether Faerie Dragon and Sprite Darter Hatchling. Mini Mindslayer has it as well, and being a magic pet it can't die in a single hit, so I guess I can stop cursing this poor, neglected pet. It's worth noting that this ability can still be used while blocking abilities are active, such as the beaver dam from No-No.

Trample - This ability hits twice at once and has no cooldown. One hit is a flat amount of damage and the other is equal to 10% of the target's maximum health. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but each of the beasts of fable has over 4000 health. There aren't many other abilities that can deal this much damage every single round. Don't bother boosting your damage output with this - it's always 10%. That also means that a low-level pet will be almost as effective as a max-level pet, though it wouldn't survive very long. 9 pets have this ability, but 7 of them are critters and won't last long against the beasts. The other 2 are the Clefthoof Runt from Nagrand and the Stunted Shardhorn from Sholazar Basin.

Impale - This ability can be used once the enemy is almost down to 1/4 health to finish the job. First it hits for a decent amount, then it checks whether the target is below 1/4 health and, if so, deals enough damage to finish it off. It's available at level 4 on the Harbinger of Flame, so even if your Harbinger is very low, it can still be useful here as long as it can survive one round.

Predatory Strike - Identical to Impale, but with a different damage type. 7 pets have this ability; one is a critter and the others are flyers.

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