Tamer - Aki the Chosen

Aki the Chosen stands next to the lake about half way between the two major cities in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and her pets are legendary quality.

Recommended lineup: Feral Vermling or Hopling, Whatever other pets you want

My strategy here is very straightforward...

Aki's hopper, Chirrup, goes first in battle, and you send in your Feral Vermling or Hopling with Poison Lash and Dreadful Breath. The Poison Lash is weak against critters but will tick away at Chirrup's health to make sure it heals itself more often. As long as Chirrup is using both its heals, the armour debuff it puts on you with its Swarm will lapse between attacks and your humanoid will last longer. Meanwhile, Dreadful Breath will kill off Stormlash in the backline so it never makes it into battle. Once Stormlash is down, you can focus on the other pets one at a time and easily level up a pet or two in the process.

The Feral Vermling and Hopling are great at soloing this fight in this manner for a few reasons...
The most important, of course, is they have Dreadful Breath.
They are humanoid, so they take less damage from Chirrup's only attack.
Still humanoid, so they heal a small amount each time they do damage. They have some staying power in this.
They are both simple to acquire. Simply collect a lot of pets or grab some tea and run the achievement in the brewery after your random group takes off.
They have a DoT and heal when they deal damage, so if necessary (it won't be necessary) you can apply Poison Lash and switch out to heal for 5 rounds.

The same strategy can be employed using Peddlefeet with Rapid Fire if necessary, but it will take a much longer time to complete the battle since he doesn't hit the backline as hard as the others do. When I tried it, it took me 42 rounds to take out Stormlash and the entire fight lasted for about 60 rounds. It is a good option, though, if you're having trouble with the recommended pets, because Peddlefeet can heal better.

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  1. EXCELLENT strategy! Read it and loved it. Tried it and was amazed at the ease I can now level a pet with this tamer.