Tamer - Hyuna

Hyuna is the tamer in Jade Forest and is great for levelling any pet you choose, even from level 1.

All that I use here is a Nexus Whelpling and a Clockwork Gnome. (Update: Lately I've been using a Nether Faerie Dragon or Sprite Darter Hatchling in place of the Nexus Whelpling and they work great too.)

Send the Nexus Whelpling in with Skyshaper going first in battle. Using Arcane Storm and then Mana Surge puts Skyshaper out after 2 or 3 rounds. The whelpling can finish the surge and then continue with Tail Sweep against Fangor. If necessary, the Clockwork Gnome can finish Fangor off with a fist or two.

Once Dor the Wall enters the battlefield, have the Clockwork Gnome sit there until he uses Headbutt. Then switch to the pet you want to level and switch back to the gnome. This way, the levelling pet will be counted in combat but will not get hit since Dor the Wall has already used his one attack and it has a three-round cooldown.

Now just keep launching a rocket at Dor the Wall until he's dead. The gnome can also repair if needed, but should only be used immediately following a Headbutt to avoid getting stunned and cancelling the action before it's done.

Using a level-1 pet in this manner causes it to reach level 11.

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