Tamer - Nishi

Farmer Nishi is located in the Valley of Four Winds, just on the other side of the hill from Lucky Yi.

She uses two elementals and a beast. One of the elementals, Siren, is so good at healing that it can be a real pain, but with my strategy that pain can be completely ignored. Unless you miss. Don't miss.

This strategy uses one pet to beat all three, with a little bit of damage absorption from two levelling pets.

My method requires a crocolisk from the Shattrath fishing daily or an Electrified Razortooth from Isle of Thunder. The other two pets can be pretty much anything as long as they can handle the damage from Sons of the Root and Burrow. The ability to heal the entire team while they're taking hits from Sons of the Root is a major perk that will seal the deal for the damage-dealing pet.

So here's the plan.

Rip. Make sure it sticks. Blood in the Water deals about 1000 damage to the elementals. A Surge or two will finish them off.

Rinse and repeat with the following exceptions.

When Toothbreaker enters battle, he is going to use Sons of the Root. Since you want to keep your damage dealer as alive as possible, switch to another pet immediately to take the damage until Toothbreaker emerges from the ground, then switch back and kill him. This should be able to be repeated with the same pet incase Blood in the Water misses. It's not supposed to, but it sometimes does.

If you know Brood of Mothran is about to burrow, use Surge instead of Blood in the Water. While it is burrowed, switch to the second hit-absorbing pet just to take the hit, then switch back to the damage dealer.

Voila! Your two damage-taking pets should now be a slightly higher level.

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