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I meant to do this post next after Aki because it was specifically requested, but then Darkmoon Faire came up and I did Jeremy Feasel, and then 5.2 came out and I did Beasts of Fable. My apologies for the wait, but here it is!

Mo'ruk's three pets are Woodcarver, Lightstalker, and Needleback.

Woodcarver is a beast with Acidic Goo, Burrow, and Consume.
Lightstalker is a flyer with Moth Balls, Moth Dust, and Alpha Strike.
Needleback is an aquatic with Headbutt, Grasp, and Powerball.

Now, I realise that many people like to send a low-level pet in first for levelling up and just have it take one hit and then switch out, but I prefer to do the opposite. I start with max-level pets and push through until they die before switching, then finish it off with the one I want to level up. This fight is ideal for that situation.

With Woodcarver's array of damage types, it's not appealing to use a defensive strategy here. Go mechanical to deal more damage and just consider that pet to be on a total suicide run. It's going to turn Woodcarver into a larval smudge and then do what it can to the next pet before it dies horribly in a spray of sparks and bolts. Having some sort of debuff in your arsenal to apply to the next pet before the mech goes down can help your own next pet a great deal. The Cogblade Raptor should cover you in this, thanks to Exposed Wounds. Plus, you never need to waste a turn because when Woodcarver is burrowed underground, you can use Overtune to maintain your speed for the next pet you need to fight.

Because of Lightstalker, I like to use a dragonkin with magic damage. My go-to pet for this fight is the Nexus Whelpling with Arcane Storm and Mana Surge and I've been meaning to play around with a Sprite Darter Hatchling or a Nether Faerie Dragon as well to see if it performs as well as I think it will. Again, once Lightstalker is down, you want to push through the next pet and do what you can.

Ideally, once your first two pets are down, you'll have Needleback at half health or less. At this point you should be able to level a pet off of Needleback and, in the case of magic pets, you can go pretty low in levels because of resistance to dying and availability of never-miss attacks. Other pets have never-miss attacks as well, usually with certain conditions. Just keep in mind that the lower you go the more you want to look for never-miss attacks. They aren't as guaranteed to hit as they imply, but they do have greatly increased accuracy.

If you're just trying to beat Needleback, ignore the above paragraph about levelling a pet and go for an offensive strategy with flying damage. If you want to add some defense to the mix, try to avoid that Headbutt.

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