Peddlefeet is another reason for pet battlers to love February.

This pet is very easy to get. It is sold by a vendor in exchange for holiday currency - a mere 40 love tokens - during Love is in the Air. If you missed your shot, not to worry, this pet can be caged so you will probably be able to find it in the auction house.

If you use a stone to turn it blue, it will have the following stats at level 25: 1400 hp, 260 attack power, and 325 speed.

For the first ability, you will choose between Bow Shot and Rapid Fire. I like using Rapid Fire when I plan to use this pet first, as it will attack each of your enemy's pets twice in one round.

The second ability is either Lovestruck or Perfumed Arrow. Both of these abilities stun, but Lovestruck is a 100% with a 5-round cooldown, while Perfumed Arrow is a 25% chance plus damage with a 2-round cooldown. I'd suggest Perfumed Arrow and use it for the damage while considering the chance of stun a perk.

Third, you have a choice between Shot Through The Heart and Love PotionLove Potion is a great ability to have in a pinch, allowing you to heal for 25% of maximum health before you get struck again. As a side note, imagine what this ability can do when the pet's maximum health is artificially boosted, such as when the weather is sunny.

Finally, Peddlefeet is humanoid, which means that he heals for a small amount every time he deals damage, so not only does he have the ability to heal, but he also has a near-constant stream of healing when he's in use.

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