Toxic Wasteling

Love is in the air and by now you probably have your Toxic Wasteling.

If not, well here's how you get one. First, it is only available as a drop during the Valentine's event called Love is in the Air. During that event, an instance appears in the drop-down menu of the dungeon finder tool for high-level characters. At the moment, this means level 89-90. The instance is called Crown Chemical Co. and it, like other holiday instances, is very brief. You need only complete one boss fight involving 3 targets. Once per reset, upon completion of the instance, you will receive a box containing 3 types of currency (gold, valour points, and love tokens). Additionally, the box has a chance to drop a few bonus items, one of which is the Toxic Wasteling pet.

Once used, the pet can be caged and traded, so another option is to check the auction house.

If stoned to turn blue, it will end up with 1562 hp, 292 attack power, and 244 speed at level 25. These stats are not incredibly impressive, however...

This pet is in possession of my favourite ability set.

The level 20 ability, Acidic Goo, is the first that I like to use in battle. It is a 3-round DoT that also increases damage taken by 25%.

After that, I apply Corrosion, which is available very early in levelling. It is another DoT that also increases all damage taken by a set amount.

At this point, the pet is taking damage from 2 DoTs every round, and each of those DoTs has a modifier to increase damage taken. The combination is incredibly powerful.

Now I use Absorb until either the DoTs run out or the enemy is finished, whichever comes first. If the DoTs run out and the enemy is still kicking, reapply them, but that won't happen often. Absorb will deal damage (greatly increased by those wonderful DoTs) and heal your pet for roughly 100% of the damage dealt.

And as if that amazing ability set wasn't enough, this pet is not vulnerable to burst damage. It is a pet in the magic family, which means it can not take more than 40% of its maximum health in one hit, so it would take a  bare minimum of 3 hits to kill it. Big hits are wasted on this pet; it's only going down to a flurry of smaller hits.

So, that's the Toxic Wasteling. I absolutely adore this pet and others like it for virtually any fight. Other pets that possess the same ability set I've been talking about here are the Disgusting Oozeling, Jade Oozeling, and Oily Slimeling, the latter two of which can be captured in the wild.

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