At first I thought that the Porcupette was a guaranteed drop if you don't have it and then never drops again. Apparently, I was just very lucky when I got mine in my first bag, because I recently read a forum where many people commented that they'd never seen one. I-don't-know-how-many bags later, I can confirm that it does drop if you already have one, because today it happened to me.

So let's look at the Porcupette, shall we?

It originates from normal sacks of pet supplies and is not bound on pick-up, so the item that teaches the pet can be traded or sold.
It can be caged, so the pet itself can also be traded or sold.
Both the item and the pet it teaches come out blue.
The pet is a critter and at level 25 has the following stats: 1546 health, 260 attack power, and 289 speed.
It has the same ability set as a few other pets - Bite or Poison Fang, Spiked Skin or Counterstrike, and Survival or Powerball.

There's nothing overly special about the damage types, considering it is a critter, apart from the array of types available. It can deal critter, humanoid, dragonkin, beast, and elemental damage. Not ALL at once, of course, but one perk of Poison Fang is the two damage types, which in this case allows you to access four damage types at once, so it may come in handy in random PvP battles.

Other pets with the same ability set include the Silent Hedgehog (beast), Clouded Hedgehog (beast), Malayan Quillrat (critter), and Malayan Quillrat Pup (critter), all of which can be captured in the wild.

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