PTR - Beasts of Fable

I wasn't planning to post until finals are over except for updating what I got from the fabled pet supplies. Honestly, the only thing I've been logging in for is to do the Beasts of Fable daily and then I was off to write papers all day. However, the ptr for 5.3 came out and it has some rather exciting changes that are going to knock a grade point off my papers, so expect lots of upcoming posts.

I absolutely love doing the Beasts of Fable daily and fighting those legendary pets, and I've gotten pretty quick about it (about 25 minutes including travel time) so I'm excited about the changes that appeared in the ptr.

The first thing that becomes apparent is the daily quest has been broken into 3 quests, each rewarding a sack of pet supplies. It appears as though only one of the quests will appear per day, or perhaps this is a bug and all 3 will be available per day. Hopefully it will be all 3, but I think it was reduced to smaller, random dailies to address complaints of investment of time vs reward.

Second, the legendary fights have changed a great deal. Life Exchange can no longer deal 2000 damage because the legendary pets' health has dropped to within a normal range. Instead, they have a buff that reduces all damage they receive by 50% and they still heal for obscene amounts - more, actually, than before. I just watched Dos-Ryga heal for 1200. They also have approximately 600 attack power. Apocalypse, however, is still a valid strategy.

In 5.2, a legendary pet would roughly match these stats:
4000 health, 400 attack power, 300 speed.
In 5.3 ptr, a legendary pet roughly matches these stats:
2000 health, 600 attack power, 300 speed, 50% armour.
So they have 50% less health, take 50% less damage, deal 50% more healing, deal 50% more damage.

Third, a new drop from the pet supplies is a Lesser Pet Treat. There may be more new drops - we'll see! This is account bound and on use it increases pet xp gain by 25%. It is used by feeding it to a pet and it gives you (not your pet) the buff for 1 hour, so it probably works for all pets and not just the one targetted.

Beasts of Fable Book I requires that you defeat Dos-Ryga, Kafi, Ka'wi, and Nitun. That's 2 in Jade Forest and 2 in Kun-Lai Summit.
Beasts of Fable Book II requires that you defeat Yi, Greyhoof, and Xi'a. That's 2 in Valley of Four Winds and 1 in Krasarang Wilds.
Beasts of Fable Book III requires that you defeat No-No, Ti'un, and Gorespine. That's 1 in the Vale, 1 in Townlong Steppes, and 1 in Dread Wastes.

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