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While reviewing the Beasts of Fable, I outlined several abilities that can be used to easily defeat them, but I didn't go into how to obtain those pets. Here are some very potent abilities for fighting the Beasts of Fable, which pets have these abilities, how to get the pets, and to conclude the post, my winning team.

Apocalypse - Resilient Roach (Dread Wastes) and Savory Beetle (Krasarang Wilds) are high-level roach types that can be captured with Apocalypse ready to go. There are 23 other pets with this ability, which is why I didn't list them all, so odds are everybody has one anyway.

Impale - The only pet that uses this ability is the Harbinger of Flame. It can be obtained as a level 1 pet, so it will take some time to get it ready for battle. The good news is it doesn't have to be max level; it only has to have the impale ability ready to use. This occurs at level 4. Keep in mind that at such a low level the pet is unlikely to get the hit off before it dies unless your timing is amazing.

Life Exchange - This ability can deal up to around 2000 damage as the first hit if your pet's health is low and about 1500 if it's high. Additionally, Life Exchange works through all blocking abilities such as Beaver Dam or Burrow. The Nether Faerie Dragon can be captured in Feralas. They spawn in abundance around Dire Maul. Also in possession of the ability but not as easy to find are the Sprite Darter Hatchling, which is a world drop in Feralas, and the Mini Mindslayer, which drops from the first boss in AQ40.

Predatory Strike - Many flying pets have this ability. It is only available at level 20 or higher on any pet that has it and most of them are owls. Most of the pets that use this ability are obtainable only at low levels, with one exception: Snowy Owl. This pet can be captured in Winterspring between November 1st and February 28th or 29th. Also notable is the Darkmoon Hatchling, which is a prize from Darkmoon Faire. The reason I find this pet preferable is because it also uses Trample, which is another ability on this list of awesome abilities for beating beasts of fable.

Trample - Pets in possession of this ability include the Stunted Shardhorn, a capture in Sholazar Basin; the Clefthoof Runt, a capture in Nagrand, and the Darkmoon Hatchling, a prize from Darkmoon Faire. There are several other critters in possession of the ability, but I only listed the first two because they are beasts and added the Darkmoon Hatchling to the list even though it's a critter because it also uses Predatory Strike at level 20.

Stalling Tactics - If you're going to use the Apocalypse strategy, you're going to want to stall for 15 rounds. Some pets have abilities that are great for stalling. Here we avoid crowd control abilities because several beasts of fable are critters, which are resistant to crowd control. The top four stalling abilities as I see it are...

Beaver Dam - This is available to the Thundertail Flapper, a capture on the Isle of Thunder. The pet will come with the ability ready to use. You can make the most of the Beaver Dam by not attacking while it is up. You can use this time to switch pets, heal up, and use abilities that go through the block, and by passing your turn so that only the enemy's attacks are wasted on it, which will keep it up longer. Beaver Dam, Ice Barrier, and Illusionary Barrier are pretty much identical abilities. They are available to different pets at different levels, but all function exactly the same way and have a 5-round cooldown.

Ice Barrier - This is available to Mr. Bigglesworth at level 3 and Snowy Panda at level 20. Both of these pets are obtainable as level 1 pets. Mr. Bigglesworth is a reward for collecting all 12 of the pets from AQ40, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Naxxramas. The Snowy Panda is a random drop from the Fabled pet supplies that's rewarded for defeating the beasts of fable each day.

Illusionary Barrier - This is available to the Spectral Porcupette at level 4. This unique pet can be obtained as a level 1 pet by trading in dinosaur bones on the Isle of Giants. A thousand bones may seem like a lot, especially once you've spotted one of the dinos that drops them, but if you bring a friend or two you can get the pet for each person in a few hours. Some dinos drop around 5 while others drop many many more. As a rule of thumb - the bigger the dino, the more bones it has.

Sons of the Root - This is available to the Terrible Turnip, which can be obtained as a level 1 pet from a random drop while harvesting crops at sunsong ranch. Before you can use it, you'll need to plant it and return the following day to harvest the pet. The ability puts your pet out of reach for 3 rounds, has an 8-round cooldown, and is available at level 20 or higher.

Since there's little point in trying to level pets on the Beasts of Fable, I've created a single team that I use for all 10 beasts. It is comprised of the Sprite Darter Hatchling, Nether Faerie Dragon, and Darkmoon Hatchling. This team is plenty to face any of the beasts and often defeats them while using only one pet.

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