Tamer - Flowing Pandaren Spirit

The Flowing Pandaren Spirit is by far the easiest of the spirits. All three of its pets can be taken out by a single one of yours, and if you're very careful, your one pet can die at the same time as the third enemy pet and default the experience to the other two without them ever entering the battlefield.

Recommended lineup: Disgusting Oozeling or something like it and 2 random pets.

Marley can fight first or second.
It is an aquatic that deals aquatic damage.
It has 300 attack power and 375 speed, and uses the following abilities.
Whirlpool waits for 2 rounds and then deals aquatic damage and prevents switching pets for 2 rounds.
Pump has 2 functions. On the first use it gives the caster a +10% damage buff. On the second use it deals massive aquatic damage to the target.
Dive makes it unattackable for 1 round and then deals a lot of aquatic damage on the next turn.

If you aren't going to use the strategy I'm outlining for this pet (I'll put it below the list since it only requires one pet to fight all three) then I'd suggest using a magic pet (to resist the aquatic damage) that deals flying damage. Pets that meet the criteria are the Enchanted Broom and Jade Owl.

Tiptoe shows up first or second.
It is a critter that deals aquatic damage.
It has 334 attack power and 315 speed, and uses the following abilities.
Healing Wave will heal itself.
Water Jet does straight aquatic damage.
Tidal Wave deals aquatic damage to your entire team and removes any objects on the battle field.

Against this pet it would be ideal to use a magic pet that deals beast damage, such as the Twilight Fiendling.

The Pandaren Water Spirit always goes last.
It is an elemental that deals aquatic damage.
It has 300 attack power and 334 speed, and uses the following abilities.
Tidal Wave, same as Tiptoe, deals aquatic damage to your team and removes objects on the field.
Whirlpool, as with Marley, waits for 2 rounds to deal aquatic damage and root your current pet for 2 rounds.
Geyser waits for 3 rounds to deal aquatic damage and stun your current pet for 1 round.

Every time I have fought this pet, it led the fight with Geyser followed by Whirlpool so both of these would go off at once. A magic pet that deals aquatic damage would be ideal here, such as Legs or Viscidus Globule.

My one-pet tactic for this fight involves a magic pet with the abilities Absorb, Corrosion, and Acidic Goo. This can be achieved with any of the following: Disgusting Oozeling, Jade Oozeling, Oily Slimeling, or Toxic Wasteling.

Apply Acidic Goo and Corrosion, preferably in that order, and use Absorb whenever it's not necessary to refresh the duration of one of those DoTs. In this manner, you can continue all the way to the end and then finish off the fight while dying at the same time to the water spirit's Whirlpool and Geyser combination. Then all of the experience will default to your remaining pets, even though they never entered battle. Just make sure your backline has enough health to survive a few rounds of Tidal Wave.

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