Tamer - Burning Pandaren Spirit

The Burning Pandaren Spirit is located in the northwest of Townlong Steppes, on a plateau overlooking the ocean. Its attacks are not as varied as the Thundering Pandaren Spirit, but moreso than the other two.

Recommended lineup: Death Talon Whelpguard, Rapana Whelk, Nexus Whelpling.

Crimson will fight first or second.
It is a dragonkin that deals dragonkin and flying damage.
It has 334 attack power and 334 speed, and uses the following abilities.
Breath deals straight dragonkin damage.
Cyclone deals flying damage to your active and backline pets randomly.
Lift-Off makes Crimson unattackable for 1 round and then deals plenty of flying damage on the next turn.

For this pet, I recommend the Death Talon Whelpguard (obtained in Blackwing Lair as a random boss drop). It is a dragonkin, so it will take reduced damage from two out of three attacks, and it deals humanoid damage, so it's going to put the hurt in that dragon. Use Blitz, Whirlwind, and Clobber.

The Pandaren Fire Spirit will appear first or second.
It is an elemental that deals elemental damage.
It has 334 attack power and 334 speed, and uses the following abilities.
Cauterize will heal itself. Try to avoid large hits just before it uses this ability.
Immolate deals elemental damage and applies a DoT that deals elemental damage for 4 rounds.
Conflagrate deals elemental damage and has a 4-round cooldown. It deals the damage twice if your pet is burning, such as with the DoT above.

Same as with the earth spirit, I recommend using a snail here. The Rapana Whelk is obtainable as a high-level pet in Dread Wastes. Use Acidic Goo and Dive in conjunction to deal the most damage you can, and it will be a lot. If necessary, you can time your dive to avoid Conflagrate.

Last will be Glowy.
It is a flying pet that deals flying and critter damage.
It has 315 attack power and 334 speed, and uses the following abilities.
Confusing Sting is a DoT that deals flying damage and has a 10% chance to damage you when you attack.
Glowing Toxin is a DoT that deals flying damage.
Swarm deals critter damage 3 times per round for 3 rounds and debuffs your pet to take double damage from all sources.

Swarm by itself is never much of a threat, which is why I recommend using a dragonkin to resist the damage from the DoTs, which will be doubled once the Swarm begins. My favourite here is the Nexus Whelpling equipped with Mana Surge and Arcane Storm. First, apply the Arcane Storm  Its presence will increase the damage dealt by Mana Surge. It should be over quickly.

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