Qiraji Guardling

Many of us have been waiting for half of a year to finish the safari achievements, and the appearance of the Qiraji Guardling brings relief. Unless we reside on a pvp server. I do! Now, I didn't get ganked into oblivion or anything, but from what I saw I just got lucky. I caught my pet and it was looking like nobody was around, or so I thought. Then I flew around a bit to check out other breeds and witnessed what can only be described as a slaphappy bloodbath.

I saw a person in the middle of a pet battle getting jumped, so they lost their pet. As they fought their ganker, I was wishing I could help them out but I was in the wrong faction to do so. Instead, I cheered the pet battler on in the only way I could think of to support them. This act only served to draw attention to me, and I was attacked from below. Well, nobody ever claimed wowers were civil. Anyway...

I did fly around AQ for a while and noticed a distinct lack of guardlings in most of the area. I outlined a triangle of the area I did find them on the map below. Mostly they were north of the wall, but there were a few on the steps approaching AQ40.

The guardling is available in speedy or powerful, plus some in-between breeds. I'm having some trouble deciding between speed and power for the abilities it has. Really the only ability that makes me want speed is  the level 20 ability, Blackout Kick. This ability stuns the opponent for 1 round on a 5-round cooldown. Being speedy could turn that 1-round stun into a 2-round stun by interrupting the enemy's turn as well. I'd probably just use Reckless Strike anyway, which benefits more from being slower in the same manner that its counterpart benefits from being faster, so I went with a powerhouse.

For the other two abilities, you choose between Crush (80% hit, humanoid dmg, no cd) or Whirlwind (100% hit vs enemy team, humanoid dmg, 3 cd) and Hawkeye (+25% crit, 4 rds) or Sandstorm (flying damage, weather: -10% accuracy, -X dmg per hit). When choosing between those I would say the choice is between Crush/Sandstorm and Whirlwind/Hawkeye. Mixing in the other way could be unhealthy for your pet.

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