Shadow Towers

Who lurks in the shadowy towers? You do! Skulking behind the Towers' sturdy walls, your minions have stealth their first turn.

Mage Spells
I have been enjoying playing with a mage deck and haven't really tried anything else, but I promise this deck works like a dream. I think I might have lost twice so far, and have 22 wins.

The game doesn't really start until turn 3, when you can start tossing out Flamewakers. It's very difficult to remove something with stealth, especially on turn 3. After that, just play cheap spells in bulk, and duplicate incase the Flamewaker gets stomped on. Try to remember not to play Mirror Image when you have a Flamewaker up with Duplicate.

With Flamecannons, you can also neutralise the ever-popular alarm-o-deck without breaking a sweat, and late-game Doomsayers can be taken down with spell combos as well.

A friend swears by the alarm-o-deck but couldn't pull me away from my mage spells long enough to try it. The logic is perfectly sound, though. Grab a couple of alarm-o-bots and pad your deck with the biggest, meanest minions you can cram in there. Works best for a druid, since innervate lets you begin the pain on the first turn if you get a good draw.

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